[ About me ]

My name is Pierre Bellefeuille, I am from the city of Gatineau in the province of Quebec located in Canada. I welcome everyone and I invite you to read these few lines below to know me a bit better. [resume]

The customer service quality and the versatility are characterising me very well. All those with whom I have worked over the years know that I always deliver quality work on time. I will provide references to anybody requesting it. See my: [Download my portfolio].

Many working experiences have led me to be a graphic designer, a violin maker, a musician, a photographer and a teacher. I wrote and I published many technical documents related to quality management in the areas of audio, photography, design of web sites, [construction of the violins], graphic design, [creativity – in French only] ,etc. I [composed music] and I built fine violins.

I am naturally very curious, I read in many different fields.

I have been active as a graphic designer since 1992. I have developed equal skills at being technical and creative. I've been working at private companies and I have been teaching part-time at college, professional formation and at the University. I have been a self-worker and I worked for various private companies in the areas of communication and marketing, and also in the pharmaceutical field. The University of Ottawa, among others, was one of my good customers. between 2006 et 2011.

Since a few years, I do not make any more the violins and I do not compose anymore the music. My schedule is already pretty loaded, and in 2017 I refocused my activities to keep only one creative activity: photography. I always liked photography. I prefer the simplicity because it allows me to get to the point. I like to pull out the most beautiful and natural aspects of the human nature, this feeds my sense of marvelment. 

I have excellent interpersonal and communication skills. I like to work in a relaxed atmosphere helping creativity and spontaneity. I offer a bilingual service, I'm quite comfortable in both official languages.

I always liked to share my experience and my expertise, here is a link toward a [guitar poster chords] I created for those who would like to learn the guitar chords, the actual size is 17,43'' x 25,54''', if you go to a large printing format company and you ask it to be printed at 147%, then you will get a printed size of about 25'' X 36''. I am sharing this free, you are free to give money or not. Nobody can print many copies and resell it without compensation to me.

So I say to you: hope to meet you soon !
Pierre Bellefeuille
Gatineau (Quebec), Canada